Carnation Katie


Model, Cosplayer, photographer, videographer

Hey! I'm Katie and I've been cosplaying for A good while.

I really love cosplaying and its helped me to build confidence and actually love myself more. Then the wave of lewd cosplaying came around and i decided to give it a shot and fell head over heels. 

Lewd cosplaying is something that I really like doing and has actually helped me overcome body dysmorphia from years of struggling with eating disorders. I also learned that I love video editing and after lot of trial and error I'm making videos I'm proud of and make me super happy!

i do lots of cosplay and nsfw related content each month

If you don’t know what Nsfw means, its “not safe for work” so if you subscribe, get a set, or even just look through the video below or my site listin, maybe don’t do it at work, or while you’re hanging around with family, because explaining the half naked girl on your screen Who’s wearing a jar jar binks mask isn’t a fun conversation.

usually 3 sets per month, so if you would like to help support me i have tons of different ways you can

Don't ever feel like you have to support me through money, you can support me just by leaving love and comments here or on my instagram if you want to support me! 

Final note: All Images purchased through this site are my, Carnation Cosplay’s, intellectual property. Reselling or reposting them is against the law and will result in the post getting taken down or you getting a court order. Just don’t do it. It’s not fun for anyone and I work incredibly hard to produce high quality content that I didn’t create for free. It’s not cool, it’s not fun, it’s just disrespectful to repost someones work. So don’t.



upcoming conventions and events

You can find me at the following conventions and events below. 


 Fan Expo dallas






My friends - support them too!

OMG Cosplay —Maggie has been my best friend since i was 14 and if you aren't already following her you should go check her out, she makes amazing cosplays and she's got a pretty alright personality.

Kissy Cosplay —  A true cinnamon roll. Tristan is a total sweetheart and also makes awesome cosplays, if you haven't seen her page, or if you have, go comment on her latest post on instagram and call her a cinnamon roll.

Kingdom Cosplay — Nick is my fellow egg boi (by that I mean sometimes we show up at Maggie's house with eggs) he's a wildcard at all times but he has a heart of gold. go call him an egg if you wanna.


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Instagram: @carnationcosplay 

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